Create An Avalanche Of Goodwill For Your Window Washing Business With A Simple Greeting Card!

Being successful in the window washing business requires you to be different than all the other average window washers. So with that said, we’re going to talk today about the plain jane greeting card…are they effective or are they a waste of time?

Well I definitely wouldn’t be writing about ’em if they were not effective :o), so absolutely, without a doubt, greeting cards are an excellent marketing tool to use.

And the amazing thing is very few window washers (or any service business for that matter) incorporate this technique in their business.

Sure…maybe, just maybe, they might send out the traditional customer Christmas card, but looking back over the years, I don’t think I’ve received one card from any service business I’ve ever used.

I’m always talking about how important it is to be raising your hand and letting your customers know that you’re still around. It creates a level of trust that is unprecedented. And when you’ve got the trust of your customers, you can literally dance the jig all the way to the bank.

So one of the best ways to be raising your hand is by mailing a simple greeting card to your customers.

Notice that I didn’t mention prospects? A prospect in the window cleaning business is someone who has expressed an interest in your service and perhaps you’ve given them an estimate, but they haven’t decided yet whether to use your window washing service or not.

I personally wouldn’t bother with sending cards to prospects, although of course you need to follow up with them via phone and perhaps a couple of follow up letters asking for their business, but leave the greeting cards for your valued customersher response.

And I recommend that you don’t just mail cards to your customers at the usual time of the year…Christmas.

Be different. I mailed greeting cards on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, President’s day, and any other day I could think of, OTHER than Christmas.

How ’bout after the first of the year wishing them best wishes and good health in the coming year. How ’bout a card in the middle of the summer just saying “Howdy Betty, how’s your summer going so far?”. The list goes on.

When I was in the insurance industry, I mailed all my clients personalized birthday cards, but that was because I could take their birth date information off the insurance application. If you start asking your window washing customers for their birth date, they might think you’re a little loopy so I would stay away from doing that.

You can generate a tremendous amount of goodwill by incorporating greeting cards in your overall marketing strategy. Your goal with the greeting card is to just be noticed in a different way.

Don’t cloud the message in the card by asking them about their windows or if they’re ready to be cleaned again…or anything like that. That’s what you do when you follow up via phone or by sending a reminder postcard.

I would however, include one of your business cards. Not a magnetic card, but just a regular ‘ole non-magnetic business card. If you have business cards with some kind of a caricature (likeness of you) or some other unique logo, all the better. It’s that recognition factor you’re looking for.

You can find some low cost greeting cards at a place like Dollar General or you can search on Google for “personalized greeting cards” and investigate the printing businesses that pull up on the search results page.

If you don’t get cards already personalized, then you can just take blank low cost generic greeting cards to a local printer and have them print a simple saying on each card depending on what occasion it is.

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